Blended Learning 10 hours face-to-face + 30 hours online e-learning


Blended Learning

10 hours face-to-face + 20 hours online learning package. Use discount code bogaers5 for 5% off!

€ 990,00

Discover the benefits of Blended Learning:

Learning in the way that you find most pleasant. Together we will choose the training methods which best suit your workplace and learning style.

A solid base:

Personal individual and interactive face-to-face lessons (or lessons via Skype or phone), supplemented and supported by e-learning! The advantage of personal individual lessons: interpersonal, face-to-face contact is pleasant and necessary for practice. There is also the benefit of immediate feedback! In order to obtain your license, part is done at (home) online and shared with your teacher.

What can you expect from this included interactive training?

With the acquired communication skills, you can:

  • conduct short, general interviews
  • expand your vocabulary
  • understand your partner and respond appropriately
  • write and understand a simple, short text
  • get acquainted with the relevant culture (as well as the do’s and dont’s)

An additional option in this package is making use of E-learning.

With this you can:

  • improve pronunciation
  • practice speaking
  • improve listening comprehension
  • comprehend and practice sentence constructions

During business hours, all our useful materials are available for use at our institute! Here, you would be working in a secure environment as a guest (separate network).

You can even use E-learning from anywhere there is an internet connection!

Unlimited practice when it suits you.

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  • * (Excl. VAT and course materials -for companies)

10 individual lessons at € 49.50 pu

+ 20 E-learning courses at € 24.75 pu

Package price € 990, –

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Product Description

The hourly rate is only € 15, – per hour higher than the group classes AND you need fewer lessons, because we work with the individual/customized package AND you decide the lesson times with your teacher!


Bogaers Language Institute is not responsible for any maintenance. malfunction of the E-Learning environment or the lack of compatibility of the system.

The E-Learning environment is available 24/7 through a code provided to you.

For the various languages ​​will be released only a general student package. If this worked are, there is a login from a new package online on your own personal name made available which can follow along with the instructor in the background!

During class time is the teacher feedback as possible (about the E-Learning). Make sure you get the most out of this!



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Language Dutch, English, German, French

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Dutch, French, German, English