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Recognised specialist in education for MKB.

We have the answer to your question! Are you looking for professional language and culture training, a professional translation or a qualitative text in a foreign language?

Bogaers Language Institute is the right choice for your language solutions, offering 25 languages and six training forms!

Bogaers Language Institute can also provide training on location throughout The Netherlands.



Operating hours for front dest:

9.00hrs – 17.00hrs

9.00hrs – 13.00hrs

If you would like to have a professional consultation with no obligation, please let us know so we can make an appointment for free language advice.

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COMMITTED TO LEARNING OPEN ENROLMENT DUTCH COURSES Our Open Enrolment courses (group courses) are a good way to learn the Dutch language step by step. Intake Before each course we conduct an intake (interview and possibly a written test). The intake covers the...

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Attend the Cultural nights!

Each month we will have cultural nights for the English language! (Both American and British) On those nights we will discuss stereotypical/traditional topics of the English culture! Contact us if you want to attend the next Cultural evening!

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