Dutch in several forms

  • Flawless writing is not only a calling card for yourself or your company. Good control of the Dutch language is also the base of learning foreign languages. You stand a better chance when you write a flawless letter or offer.
    • Dutch as a second language for expats.
    • It is helpful to complete a course if you are required to take an integration exam, a State exam or a Naturalisation test. We can help you master the Dutch language and quickly help you earn your diploma. You can, of course, also complete a Dutch course to better understand the language or when you have difficulties with understanding Dutch at school.

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    What can you expect of Bogaers’ interactive training?

    With the acquired communicative skills you can:

    • Make short, general conversations
    • Expand your vocabulary
    • Understand your interlocutor and react appropriately
    • Write and understand a short text
    • Get introduced to the culture (do’s and don’ts, for example)


    An extra option is the use of our MML (Multi Media Lesson), Blended Learning or E-learning.

    With this you can:

    • Improve your pronunciation
    • Practise your speaking skills
    • Improve your listening skills
    • Practise sentence contruction
      (You can also use our MML during office hours and make use of all of our materials!)
    • E-learning is possible anywhere you have an internet connection
    • Unlimited practise whenever you wish