Our Open Enrolment courses (group courses) are a good way

to learn the Dutch language step by step.


Before each course we conduct an intake (interview and

possibly a written test). The intake covers the following


  • introduction;
  • knowledge and prior education;
  • reason for taking the course and personal motivation;
  • job and work environment;
  • available time;
  • participant’s general (educational) background.

Open Enrolment Dutch courses

(towards a higher level)

This is a general Business Dutch course for participants with

a higher educational background. All 4 language skills are

improved according to a fixed programme (course plan).

At Bogaers Taleninstituut BV we work with the following level classification: A1-,

A1, A1+, A2, A2+, B1, B1+ and B2.

The groups consist of at least 2 and at most 6 participants

selected on the basis of their starting level and learning


The group courses start on fixed dates in the year and

consist of 30 hours per course.

The course is given in 15 lessons of 2 hours.

  • Regular Open Enrolment courses: 1 lesson of 2 hours a

week (total of 15 weeks).

Starting dates: in February and September.

  • Intensive Open Enrolment courses: 2 lessons of 2 hours a

week (total of 7.5 weeks).

Starting dates: in February, April, June, September and


The classes are given during the day as well as in the


Each module ends with a final test and a certificate/proof

of participation.

Open Enrolment Dutch courses

(conversational training course)

In a conversational training course you improve your

speaking skills and expand your vocabulary. You can put

everything you have learned into practice in this course.

Even if you do not increase your level, your use of the

language becomes more varied and your pronunciation more

fluent (intensification).

  • Beginners conversational training course: for students

with levels A1+ and A2.

  • Advanced conversational training course: for students

with levels A2+ and B1.

>> Costs of Open Enrolment (Conversational) Training course:

€ 35,- per hour (excl. course material)

Course material

The course material depends on the course or level

(A1, A2, etc.).

>> Costs of course material: € 25.00 to € 100.00

A complete list of all scheduled Open Enrolment courses can

be found on our website.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. We are VAT-exempt for

private individuals.

Should you be interested in participating in one of our

Open Enrolment courses, we will first organise an intake.

An intake is also required for beginners, as they have to be

screened for educational level.

You will receive our proposal for the appropriate group,

along with the registration form, based on the results of the


For more information please contact the Customer Support department

[email protected]


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