Do you need an extra push, e.g. for the grammar, extension of vocabulary or the integration exam? That’s possible now! From now on there will be a classroom, interactive meeting.

Every Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning for extra conversation, pronunciation.

Exercises, homework questions, exam questions, etc. Together we will practice the various (digital) skills and learn how to deal with other cultures, values and norms. With a “strippenkaart” (punchcard) you can reserve the hours yourself, which gives you flexibility and continuity.

The Study House is a learning point for social enrichment in all kinds of areas and under the guidance of professional and enthusiastic language trainers.

Fee and duration

  • From €15,00 p.p.p.h
  • There is only room for up to 8 people
  • A course lasts 2 hours and is for (almost) all levels!
  • Book in time!
  • Ask about the entry option