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Blended Learning: One-on-one class starting at €49.50 per hour in combination with online classes (normal rate for one hour for 1 person is €87.50) Do you want ONLY the one-on-one classes for €49.50 per person per hour WITHOUT the online classes? That’s possible, in form of a duoclass, but only for 2 student’s with the same start level and learning goals.

Online classes without a teacher cost €24.75 per hour. Online packages support face-to-face classes with your teacher and will be integrated in your course. Feedback and questions about your online classes can be discussed with your teacher.

Online only classes are not recommended, because there is no feedback possible which drops the motivation…In addition, an online package is not tailor-made, but only general.

Group classes for €35,- per hour can be found here

You can also organise your own group, then we will come to you for the course!

A Speedy VIP Training (Very Intensive and Personal), which contains one or more weeks, costs €1575,- for 30 hours (15 hours with a teacher and 30 hours online).

More and more people are coming from far away places to follow this popular course with quick results. We offer the following accommodation for those travelling to attend this course

We invite you to make an appointment for a free, noncommittal advisory interview to discuss your wishes and our services.

  • All prices are excl. VAT; unless we can use the 0% VAT for general courses (not mesuremade)

Language Trip!

French is the national language of France. The French culture is present in literature, architecture, movies, theatre, music, and art. But the French kitchen is also loved worldwide. The country is especially known for its beautiful capital, the Tour de France, the sunny Côte d’Azur, and many beautiful winery areas!

Rouen is the cosy capital of Normandy, situated near the Seine. It’s a typical French town with beautiful historical sights, like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Place du Vieux Marché. At this famous square, Jeanne d’Arc was put to death on the pyre in 1431. La Tour Grêle (the Spindly Tower) is the highest bell tower in France (151 metres). Paris is situated only an hour away. Shopping lovers and food lovers will love this.

Our partner language school in Rouen, French in Normandy, has twelve class-rooms and a student room. In the immediate area you find the Jardin des Plantes (botanic gardens) and shops, restaurants and bars. There is free Wi-Fi at the school and there are 30 computers with internet at your disposal.

Bonjour, Hello, Hola or Gutentag!

Would you like to freshen up your language knowledge before your holidays? Register for group training now! Practising your oral (and possibly written) skills in small groups for a small price.


Dutch Workshop Spelling!

Nowadays, writing without error is a business card for you, your company, and institution. A letter or offer without errors has a better chance of success. So: Register for the workshop!

Knowledge of the Dutch language: Look professional and reliable with a good use of the language. Besides, it forms the basis of learning a foreign language!

During the workshop you make use of several practical exercises to apply and try the given advises immediately.

Parts of the workshop:

  • Verb spelling
  • Intermediate letters –s and –n in compounds
  • Use of apostrophe and trema
  • Spelling of special plurals
  • Punctuation etc.

Your investment:

  • 3 hours of face-to-face class with teacher for €295,- for 1 participant
  • Group training 3-4 people is only €99,- per person (see schedule)
  • 1 hour face-to-face class with teacher and 2 hours online