Why bogaers?

Reasons from our clients (and us)

  • Have fun learning and get quick results!
  • Personal attention
  • International network
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Competent and experienced instructors (often native speakers)
  • Limitless practise with MultiMediaLessons if required
  • Just 3.5 hours of study per week (1/2 hour per day)!
  • A lesson block of two consecutive clock hours starts at € 49.50 per hour
  • Our lessons are practical and directly applicable. We connect our lessons directly to our students’ desired start and end levels.
  • Through our many years of experience, we offer many customized solutions.
  • We are flexible! We offer lessons during the day, as well as evening and weekend lessons.
  • Bogaers Taleninstituut’s location has a good atmosphere and is very easy to access.
  • Monthly cultural evenings/return sessions
  • Naturally, our teachers can also provide lessons on location.
  • We can also serve our students throughout all of the Netherlands by videoconferencing
  • We work with a dedicated team of enthusiastic and qualified NT2 (‘Dutch as a second language’) teachers.
  • Our students show their appreciation to us again this year with a customer satisfaction rating of a 9.1 at Springest!
  • Our students receive a free Language- and Culturepass with fun discounts of our partners

Focus on business
Two in one: Bogaers Taleninstituut combines understanding of language training with extensive experience in the business and commercial area. All of our instructors are competant and highly qualified native speakers, many of which understand the business world. Our language trainers have extensive work experience in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, IT, Support, and Engineering.

We can develop a course for you where, when, and how it best suits you. Whether you want to follow a course for 1 or 40 people, we can help you. We provide a personal approach. Whether it’s speed training for 1 week or 1 month… or training for 2 years… Language training is about people. We make sure we find the right match for you, giving attention to the background and experience, the student’s function and learning goals, and the specific wishes of your company. Our trainer are closely involved from the beginning of the process to ensure there is a good match between the student and the trainer.

How we track progress
First, the level of the student is carefully tested. Then we use our Language Competence Passport to set clear measurable and achievable goals.

Customer is king 

All our work is adjusted to your wishes. For us, the customer is still king, we carefully compose the program to the wishes of the customer. Before we start the course, the program will be discussed with you.


If you wish, we can take over the planning and the intakes from you. Our clients are always kept updated of how their employees are doing on the course.


Bogaers Taleninstituut B.V. offers in-company training trhoughout all of the Netherlands, but you are also welcome at our location in Tilburg!

The procedure for attending a language training course is as follows:

  1. A) An intake interview is held at Bogaers Language Institute, after which a student profile is drawn up and if necessary, the candidate is tested.
  1. B) Alternatively, an orientation meeting is held at your location (at a company), at Bogaers Language Institute or by telephone conference.

A digital briefing form is filled out by each student and returned to us. If necessary, candidates are then tested.

2 Quotation

On the basis of either procedure A or B, a tailor-made quotation is submitted, in which the following points are outlined:

  • the starting and target levels of the training;
  • for group training, candidates are classified according to their level (in adherence with the Common European Framework of References) and goals, therefore enabling candidates with similar levels to attend the same training;
  • the length, duration and cost of the course(s);
  • the skills that need to be trained: The course content is adapted to the requirements of the company as well as those of the student. The goals, as drawn up in the student’s profile and the intake interview, form the basis of the course.

3 Confirmation

After receipt of a signed copy of the quotation, we send a confirmation to both the student and your contact person as well as make arrangements with the teacher. The teacher will then contact the student personally to set a time and date for the course lessons.

4 Made-To-Measure

All of our courses, with the exception of open registration group training, are open to all for registration and are made-to-measure (if needed) with the use of company documentation such as brochures, e-mails, or covering specific situations such as telephone conversations, giving presentations and writing reports.

5 Report / Evaluation

The contact person and student both receive a written evaluation and final report, drawn up by the teacher. Using the reports as a reference, we get in touch with your contact person to discuss whether the training is/was to their satisfaction. Halfway during the course, we also ask the student to respond in writing whether the course meets his/her expectations. If requested, the teacher determines the student’s attained level in the last lesson by means of a written and/or an oral test. During a final evaluation we ask the student to state if there are any points for improvement. Bogaers also uses this form for internal quality control, to keep our training courses up-to-date and to meet the wishes of both the client and/or the individual.

6 Yearly contact

Around May every year, we get in touch with the contact person of your company and arrange an appointment for a personal evaluation of the training courses that have been attended.

7 Certificate

Students with an overall attendance of at least 80% receive a certificate at the end of the training course stating which level has been attained at the end of the training course.

8 Contact person(s)

Should you have any further questions or comments, you can always contact Mrs J. van der Meijden.