Business Telephone Workshop in English, German, Spanish, or French

Approximately 72% of the Netherlands exports within Europe, with Germany, France, and Great Britain at the top of the list. Unfortunately, 11% of medium and small businesses miss contracts due to a lack of knowledge of foreign languages.


According to the European Commissioner Andraulla Vassiliou (Education, Youth, and Multilingualism) companies forgo millions of dollars in revenue. Furthermore, the commissioner indicates that insufficient language skills can cost jobs. She spoke out about it at a conference on the use of language skills for business. “Languages offer businesses more opportunities because they provide competitive advantage and make export markets more accessible,” said the commissioner.


For Whom?

Employees that regularly have English, German, or French clients or suppliers on the line.


Entry Level:

MBO study level.

Min. A2 language level (basic knowledge of English, German, French, or Spanish)



  • Telephone techniques
  • Customer focus
  • Handling complaints
  • Providing product and price information
  • Conventional wording
  • Politeness norms
  • Refresh social and business vocabulary
  • Primary standard expressions
  • Cultural differences
  • Pronunciation
  • Telephone alphabet


Follow-up Training:
After this workshop, there are continued opportunities in our open Business training.

Workshop duration:
Daily period of 3 hours.


Your investment:

1) 3 hour face-to-face lesson with instructor, €295 for 1 participant.

2) Choose for group training for 3-4 people, a price of just €99 per person0 (see lesson roster).

3) 1 hour face-to-face lesson with instructor and 2 hours online. Price €139 and now just € 99 via Ideal!! click here.


Are you located far from Tilburg, do you not want to lose travel time, but are open to a sustainable solution? Inquire about our Language Phone!

The face-to-face lessons can also be performed over our image-call platform, a type of Skype, but specially designed for education, with super quality image and sound, and without outside interference! You’ll save time and the environment.




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